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Skills available for New Mexico third-grade science standards

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I Scientific Thinking and Practice

II Content of Science

III Science and Society

  • I Understand how scientific discoveries, inventions, practices, and knowledge influence, and are influenced by, individuals and societies.

    • I Describe how science influences decisions made by individuals and societies.

      • 1 Describe how food packaging (e.g., airtight containers, date) and preparation (heating, cooling, salting, smoking, drying) extend food life and the safety of foods (e.g., elimination of bacteria).

      • 2 Know that science produces information for the manufacture and recycling of materials (e.g., materials that can be recycled [aluminum, paper, plastic] and others that cannot [gasoline]).

      • 3 Know that naturally occurring materials (e.g., wood, clay, cotton, animal skins) may be processed or combined with other materials to change their properties.

      • 4 Know that using poisons can reduce the damage to crops caused by rodents, weeds, and insects, but their use may harm other plants, animals, or the environment.