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Skills available for North Carolina eighth-grade science standards

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Structure and Functions of Living Organisms

  • NCES.Bio.1.1 Understand the relationship between the structures and functions of cells and their organelles.

  • NCES.Bio.1.2 Analyze the cell as a living system.

    • NCES.Bio.1.2.1 Explain how homeostasis is maintained in the cell and within an organism in various environments (including temperature and pH).

    • NCES.Bio.1.2.2 Analyze how cells grow and reproduce in terms of interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis.

    • NCES.Bio.1.2.3 Explain how specific cell adaptations help cells survive in particular environments (focus on unicellular organisms).


Evolution and Genetics

  • NCES.Bio.3.1 Explain how traits are determined by the structure and function of DNA.

  • NCES.Bio.3.2 Understand how the environment, and/or the interaction of alleles, influences the expression of genetic traits.

  • NCES.Bio.3.3 Understand the application of DNA technology.

    • NCES.Bio.3.3.1 Interpret how DNA is used for comparison and identification of organisms.

    • NCES.Bio.3.3.2 Summarize how transgenic organisms are engineered to benefit society.

    • NCES.Bio.3.3.3 Evaluate some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of DNA technology (including cloning, genetically modified organisms, stem cell research, and Human Genome Project).

  • NCES.Bio.3.4 Explain the theory of evolution by natural selection as a mechanism for how species change over time.

    • NCES.Bio.3.4.1 Explain how fossil, biochemical, and anatomical evidence support the theory of evolution.

    • NCES.Bio.3.4.2 Explain how natural selection influences the changes in species over time.

    • NCES.Bio.3.4.3 Explain how various disease agents (bacteria, viruses, chemicals) can influence natural selection.

  • NCES.Bio.3.5 Analyze how classification systems are developed based upon speciation.

    • NCES.Bio.3.5.1 Explain the historical development and changing nature of classification systems.

    • NCES.Bio.3.5.2 Analyze the classification of organisms according to their evolutionary relationships (including dichotomous keys and phylogenetic trees).

Molecular Biology