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Skills available for North Dakota pre-K math standards

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PK.MTH.1 Students understand counting and cardinality.

PK.MTH.2 Students begin to develop an understanding of operations and algebraic thinking.

PK.MTH.3 Students understand measurement and data.

PK.MTH.4 Students begin to develop geometric thinking.

PK.MTH.5 Students use math practices.

  • PK. Strategies and multiple solutions (e.g., logical thinking)

    • PK.MTH.5.1 Uses simple strategies to solve mathematical problems.

      • PK.MTH.5.1.a Use one-to-one correspondence to pass out snack items, one for each place.

      • PK.MTH.5.1.b Divide four cookies into two piles of two to share with friend.

    • PK.MTH.5.2 Choose which strategies and thinking skills should be used when solving a problem.

      • PK.MTH.5.2.a Think out loud and talk through a situation.

      • PK.MTH.5.2.b Listen to suggestions for solving problems, and decide whether or not the suggestion should be used.

      • PK.MTH.5.2.c Attempt a variety of strategies to solve problems.