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Skills available for Pennsylvania third-grade science standards

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S.3.A The Nature of Science

  • S.3.A.1 Reasoning and Analysis

    • S.3.A.1.1 Identify the applications of scientific, environmental, or technological knowledge to possible solutions to problems.

      • S.3.A.1.1.1 Distinguish between fact and opinion.

      • S.3.A.1.1.2 Identify examples of common technological changes, past and present, in the community (e.g., energy production, transportation, communication, recycling).

  • S.3.A.2 Processes, Procedures, and Tools of Scientific Investigations

  • S.3.A.3 Systems, Models, and Patterns

    • S.3.A.3.1 Identify systems as either natural or human-made.

      • S.3.A.3.1.1 Classify systems as either human-made or natural (e.g., human-made systems [balancing systems, tops, wheel and axle systems, pencil sharpeners from manual to electric]; natural systems [plants, animals, water cycle, stream]).

      • S.3.A.3.1.2 Identify changes in natural or human-made systems.

    • S.3.A.3.2 Use models to illustrate simple concepts.

      • S.3.A.3.2.1 Identify what models represent (e.g., simple maps showing mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers; dioramas).

S.3.B Biological Sciences

S.3.C Physical Sciences

S.3.D Earth and Space Sciences