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Skills available for Pennsylvania sixth-grade science standards

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Physical Science

Life Science

Earth and Space Science

Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability

  • Agricultural and Environmental Systems and Resources

    • Agricultural Systems

      • 1 Develop a model to describe how agricultural and food systems function, including the sustainable use of natural resources and the production, processing, and management of food, fiber, and energy.

    • Environment & Society

      • 1 Analyze and interpret data about how different societies (economic and social systems) and cultures use and manage natural resources differently.

    • Watersheds and Wetlands

  • Environmental Literacy Skills

    • Investigating Environmental Issues

      • 1 Gather, read, and synthesize information from multiple sources to investigate how Pennsylvania environmental issues affect Pennsylvania's human and natural systems.

    • Environmental Experiences

    • Evaluating Solutions

      • 1 Obtain and communicate information on how integrated pest management could improve indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Sustainability and Stewardship