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Skills available for Pennsylvania third-grade science standards

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3.4 Technology and Engineering Education

  • 3.4.A The Scope of Technology

    • 3.4.A1 Characteristics Of Technology

    • 3.4.A2 Core Concepts of Technology

      • 3.4.3.A2 Identify that some systems are found in nature and some systems are made by humans.

  • 3.4.B Technology and Society

    • 3.4.B1 Effects of Technology

      • 3.4.3.B1 Describe how using technology can be good or bad.

    • 3.4.B2 Technology and Environment

      • 3.4.3.B2 Explain how materials are re-used or recycled.

    • 3.4.B3 Society and Development of Technology

      • 3.4.3.B3 Identify and define products made to meet individual needs versus wants.

    • 3.4.B4 Technology and History

      • 3.4.3.B4 Illustrate how people have made tools to provide food, clothing, and shelter.

  • 3.4.C Technology and Engineering Design

  • 3.4.D Abilities for a Technological World

    • 3.4.D1 Applying the Design Process

      • 3.4.3.D1 Identify people's needs and wants and define some problems that can be solved through the design process.

    • 3.4.D2 Using and Maintaining Technological Systems

      • 3.4.3.D2 Observe, analyze and document how simple systems work.

    • 3.4.D3 Assessing Impact of Products and Systems

      • 3.4.3.D3 Collect information about everyday products and systems by asking questions.

  • 3.4.E The Designed World

    • 3.4.E1 Medical Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E1 Identify the technologies that support and improve quality of life.

    • 3.4.E2 Agricultural and Related Biotechnologies

      • 3.4.3.E2 Identify some processes used in agriculture that require different procedures, products, or systems.

    • 3.4.E3 Energy and Power Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E3 Recognize that tools, machines, products, and systems use energy in order to do work.

    • 3.4.E4 Information and Communication Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E4 Recognize that information and communication technology is the transfer of messages among people and/or machines over distances through the use of technology.

    • 3.4.E5 Transportation Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E5 Understand that transportation has many parts that work together to help people travel.

    • 3.4.E6 Manufacturing Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E6 Explain how manufacturing systems design and produce products in quantity.

    • 3.4.E7 Construction Technologies

      • 3.4.3.E7 Recognize that people live, work, and go to school in buildings which are different types of structures.