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Skills available for Pennsylvania third-grade science standards

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Earth and Space Sciences

Life Science

Physical Science

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability

  • Agricultural and Environmental Systems and Resources

  • Environmental Literacy Skills

    • 1 Investigate how perspectives over the use of resources and the development of technology have changed over time and resulted in conflict over the development of societies and nations.

    • 2 Develop a model to demonstrate how local environmental issues are connected to larger local environment and human systems.

  • Sustainability and Stewardship

    • 1 Critique ways that people depend on and change the environment.

    • 2 Examine ways you influence your local environment and community by collecting and displaying data.

    • 3 Construct an argument to support whether action is needed on a selected environmental issue and propose possible solutions.

Technology and Engineering

  • Applying, Maintaining, and Assessing Technological Products and Systems

  • Core Concepts of Technology and Engineering

    • 1 Describe how a subsystem is a system that operates as a part of another larger system.

    • 2 Illustrate how, when parts of a system are missing, it may not work as planned.

    • 3 Identify the resources needed to get a technical job done, such as people, materials, capital, tools, machines, knowledge, energy, and time.

    • 4 Describe the properties of different materials.

    • 5 Demonstrate how tools and machines extend human capabilities, such as holding, lifting, carrying, fastening, separating, and computing.

    • 6 Describe requirements of designing or making a product or system.

    • 7 Create a new product that improves someone's life.

  • Design in Technology and Engineering Education

  • History of Technology

    • 1 Create representations of the tools people made, how they cultivated to provide food, made clothing, and built shelters to protect themselves.

  • Impacts of Technology

    • 1 Describe the helpful and harmful effects of technology.

    • 2 Judge technologies to determine the best one to use to complete a given task or meet a need.

    • 3 Classify resources used to create technologies as either renewable or nonrenewable.

    • 4 Explain why responsible use of technology requires sustainable management of resources.

    • 5 Predict how certain aspects of their daily lives would be different without given technologies.

  • Influence of Society on Technological Development

    • 1 Determine factors that influence changes in a society's technological systems or infrastructure.

    • 2 Explain how technologies are developed or adapted when individual or societal needs and wants change.

  • Integration of Knowledge, Technologies, and Practices

    • 1 Demonstrate how simple technologies are often combined to form more complex systems.

    • 2 Explain how various relationships can exist between technology and engineering and other content areas.

  • Nature and Characteristics of Technology and Engineering