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Skills available for Pennsylvania sixth-grade science standards

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S.6.A The Nature of Science

S.6.B Biological Sciences

S.6.C Physical Sciences

S.6.D Earth and Space Sciences

  • S.6.D.1 Earth Features and Processes That Change Earth and Its Resources

  • S.6.D.2 Weather, Climate, and Atmospheric Processes

    • S.6.D.2.1 Explain basic elements of weather and climate.

      • Label parts of water cycle diagrams (6-DD.1)
      • Use data to describe climates (6-EE.3)
      • S.6.D.2.1.1 Describe cloud types and measurable factors (i.e., wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, moisture, and precipitation) that are associated with various weather patterns.

      • S.6.D.2.1.2 Interpret weather data to develop a weather forecast.

      • S.6.D.2.1.3 Explain how global patterns (jet stream, water currents) influence weather in measurable terms (e.g., wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation).

  • S.6.D.3 Composition and Structure of the Universe

    • S.6.D.3.1 Explain the relationships between objects in the universe.

      • S.6.D.3.1.1 Compare the size and surface features of the planets that comprise the solar system as well as the objects orbiting them.

      • S.6.D.3.1.2 Describe how the size, composition, and surface features of the planets are influenced by their distance from the Sun.