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Skills available for Pennsylvania sixth-grade science standards

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3.3 Earth and Space Sciences

  • 3.3.A Earth Structure, Processes and Cycles

  • 3.3.B Origin and Evolution of the Universe

    • 3.3.B1 Composition and Structure

      • 3.3.6.B1.a Compare and contrast the size, composition, and surface features of the planets that comprise the solar system as well as the objects orbiting them.

      • 3.3.6.B1.b Recognize the role of gravity as a force that pulls all things on or near the earth toward the center of the earth and in the formation of the solar system and the motions of objects in the solar system.

      • 3.3.6.B1.c Explain why the planets orbit the sun in nearly circular paths.

      • 3.3.6.B1.d Describe how the planets change their position relative to the background of the stars.

      • 3.3.6.B1.e Explain how the tilt of the earth and its revolution around the sun cause an uneven heating of the earth which in turn causes the seasons and weather patterns.

    • 3.3.B2 Unifying Themes