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Skills available for Pennsylvania eighth-grade social studies standards

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8.1 Historical Analysis and Skills Development

  • 8.1.8.A Continuity and Change over Time

    • Compare and contrast events over time and how continuity and change over time influenced those events.

  • 8.1.8.B Fact/Opinion and Points of View

    • Compare and contrast a historical event, using multiple points of view from primary and secondary sources.

  • 8.1.8.C Research

    • Produce an organized product on an assigned historical topic that presents and reflects on a thesis statement and appropriate primary and secondary sources.

8.2 Pennsylvania History

  • 8.2.8.A Contributions from Individuals and Groups (PA)

    • Compare and contrast the social, political, cultural, and economic contributions of specific individuals and groups from Pennsylvania.

  • 8.2.8.B Historical Documents, Artifacts, and Places (PA)

    • Compare and contrast the importance of significant historical documents, artifacts, and places critical to Pennsylvania history.

  • 8.2.8.C Impact of Continuity and Change on PA History

    • Compare and contrast the ways continuity and change have impacted Pennsylvania history.

  • 8.2.8.D Conflict and Cooperation (PA)

8.3 United States History

8.4 World History