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Skills available for Pennsylvania kindergarten social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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5 Civics and Government

  • 5.1 Principles and Documents of Government

  • 5.2 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

    • Civics Rights and Responsibilities

      • 5.2.K.A Identify responsibilities at school.

    • Conflict and Resolution

      • 5.2.K.B Identify a problem and discuss possible solutions.

    • Leadership and Public Service

      • 5.2.K.C Identify classroom projects/activities that support leadership and service.

    • Competent and Responsible Citizens

      • 5.2.K.D Explain responsible classroom behavior.

  • 5.3 How Government Works

    • Structure, Organization, and Operation of Governments

      • 5.3.K.B Identify the role of adults in authority at home or in school.

    • Government Services

    • Conflict and the Court System

      • 5.3.K.F Identify and explain behaviors for responsible classroom citizens.

  • 5.4 How International Relationships Function

    • Countries and Conflicts

      • 5.4.K.A Identify conflict in the classroom.

    • Tools of Foreign Policy

      • 5.4.K.B Identify how students can work together.

6 Economics

  • 6.1 Scarcity and Choice

    • Scarcity and Choice

    • Limited Resources

    • Opportunity Costs

    • Incentives and Choice

      • 6.1.K.D Identify a choice based on family interest.

  • 6.2 Markets and Economic Systems

  • 6.3 Functions of Government

    • Government's Role in International Trade

  • 6.4 Economic Interdependence

  • 6.5 Income, Profit, and Wealth

7 Geography

8 History

  • 8.1 Historical Analysis and Skills Development

    • Continuity and Change over Time

    • Fact/Opinion and Points of View

      • 8.1.K.B With guidance and support, differentiate facts from opinions as related to an event.

    • Research

      • 8.1.K.C Explain how to locate information in a source.

  • 8.2 Pennsylvania History

    • Contributions from Individuals and Groups (PA)

      • 8.2.K.A Identify people in authority.

    • Historical Documents, Artifacts, and Places (PA)

      • 8.2.K.B Examine photographs of documents, artifacts, and paces unique to Pennsylvania.

    • Conflict and Cooperation (PA)

      • 8.2.K.D Demonstrate an understanding of conflict.

  • 8.3 United States History

  • 8.4 World History

    • Contributions of Individuals and Groups (World)

      • 8.4.K.A Explain how cultures celebrate.

    • Impact of Continuity and Change (World)

      • 8.4.K.C Identify different celebrations of different cultures from around the world.

    • Conflict and Cooperation (World)

      • 8.4.K.D Demonstrate an understanding of conflict and cooperation.