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Skills available for South Carolina eighth-grade math standards

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8.NS The Number System

8.F Functions

8.EEI Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

8.GM Geometry and Measurement

8.DSP Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  • 8.DSP.1 Investigate bivariate data.

    • 8.DSP.1.a Collect bivariate data.

    • 8.DSP.1.b Graph the bivariate data on a scatter plot.

    • 8.DSP.1.c Describe patterns observed on a scatter plot, including clustering, outliers, and association (positive, negative, no correlation, linear, nonlinear).

  • 8.DSP.2 Draw an approximate line of best fit on a scatter plot that appears to have a linear association and informally assess the fit of the line to the data points.

  • 8.DSP.3 Apply concepts of an approximate line of best fit in real-world situations.

    • 8.DSP.3.a Find an approximate equation for the line of best fit using two appropriate data points.

    • 8.DSP.3.b Interpret the slope and intercept.

    • 8.DSP.3.c Solve problems using the equation.

  • 8.DSP.4 Investigate bivariate categorical data in two-way tables.

    • 8.DSP.4.a Organize bivariate categorical data in a two-way table.

    • 8.DSP.4.b Interpret data in two-way tables using relative frequencies.

    • 8.DSP.4.c Explore patterns of possible association between the two categorical variables.

  • 8.DSP.5 Organize data in matrices with rational numbers and apply to real-world and mathematical situations.