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Skills available for South Dakota fourth-grade social studies standards

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K-12.H History

  • K-12.H.1 Students will analyze how major events are chronologically connected and evaluate their impact on one another.

    • 4.H.1.1 Analyze the impact of significant historical events on the development of cultures in South Dakota

    • 4.H.1.2 Generate questions about multiple historical sources and their relationships to particular historical events and developments

  • K-12.H.2 Students will analyze and evaluate the impact of people, events, ideas, and symbols upon history using multiple sources.

    • 4.H.2.1 Explain the effects of conflicts and the establishment of reservations on the American Indians culture

    • 4.H.2.2 Examine basic environmental, economic, cultural, and population issues of concern to South Dakota

    • 4.H.2.3 Describe the influence of notable South Dakotans of the development of our state

    • 4.H.2.4 Describe influences of European cultures on South Dakota communities

    • 4.H.2.5 Describe how wars affected South Dakotans

  • K-12.H.3 Students will analyze and evaluate historical events from multiple perspectives.

    • 4.H.3.1 Compare and contrast life today with life in historical time periods

  • K-12.H.4 Students will identify and evaluate the causes and effects of past, current and potential events, issues and problems.

    • 4.H.4.1 Explain probable causes and effects of events and developments in South Dakota

    • 4.H.4.2 Explain factors affecting the growth and expansion of South Dakota

  • K-12.H.5 Students will develop historical research skills.

    • 4.H.5.1 Infer the intended audience and purpose of a historical source from information within the source itself

    • 4.H.5.2 Use evidence to develop a claim about the past

K-12.C Civics/Government

  • K-12.C.1 Students will explain, compare and contrast, and analyze the historical principles and philosophical purposes of various forms of governments.

    • 4.C.1.1 Describe key events related to South Dakota's entry into statehood

  • K-12.C.2 Students will explain the historical impact of primary founding documents including, but not limited to, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments.

    • 4.C.2.1 Compare and contrast major themes within the SD Constitution and the U.S. Constitution

  • K-12.C.3 Students will explain how the Constitution organizes the government of the United States.

    • 4.C.3.1 Explain how groups of people make rules to create responsibilities and protect freedoms

    • 4.C.3.2 Discuss South Dakota's government and the roles of the three branches

K-12.G Geography

K-12.E Economics

  • K-12.E.1 Students will apply the fundamental economic ideas and concepts associated with the study of economics.

  • K-12.E.3 Students will analyze the ways government can impact the market.

    • 4.E.3.1 Describe the necessity for government to collect taxes from its citizens in order to provide services to its citizens

  • K-12.E.5 Students will describe how trade generates economic development and interdependence.

    • 4.E.5.1 Describe how the economic needs of South Dakotans and people in other regions of the U.S. have been met