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Skills available for South Dakota eighth-grade social studies standards

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K-12.H History

K-12.C Civics/Government

  • K-12.C.1 Students will explain, compare and contrast, and analyze the historical principles and philosophical purposes and various forms of governments.

  • K-12.C.2 Students will explain the historical impact of primary founding documents including but not limited to, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments.

    • Refer to 8.H.2.2 and 8.H.2.3, as these grade?level standards include government content related to this anchor standard.

  • K-12.C.3 Students will explain how the Constitution organizes the government of the United States.

  • K-12.C.4 Students will understand the fundamental principles of America's democratic republic and the United States Constitution and the inherent conflicts that may arise.

    • 8.C.4.1 Describe the election process and the Electoral College

    • 8.C.4.2 Apply the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens to students' lives

    • 8.C.4.3 Compare and contrast methods of civic involvement

  • K-12.C.5 Students will understand the ways in which a citizen can use their basic rights to influence the decisions of the republic.

    • 8.C.5.1 Analyze ways that citizens can affect or influence the U.S. society and government

    • 8.C.5.2 Explain the roles and influences of individuals, groups, and the media on governments

  • K-12.C.6 Students will describe the elements of how U.S. foreign policy is made and understand the challenges and influences of the United States government

K-12.E Economics