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Skills available for South Dakota seventh-grade social studies standards

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K-12.C Civics/Government

  • K-12.C.1 Students will explain, compare and contrast, and analyze the historical principles and philosophical purposes and various forms of governments.

    • 7.C.1.1 Identify and describe different forms of government used throughout the world

K-12.G Geography

K-12.E Economics

  • K-12.E.3 Students will analyze the ways government can impact the market.

    • 7.E.3.1 Describe the relationship between government and economic systems in different countries

  • K-12.E.4 Students will explain how different economic systems coordinate and facilitate the exchange, production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

    • 7.E.4.1 Describe how economic activity affects standard of living

    • 7.E.4.2 Describe how technology affects the economic development of places and regions

    • 7.E.4.3 Describe the role of trade barriers and agreements in the global economy

    • 7.E.4.4 Explain how the availability of resources provides for or challenges human activities