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Skills available for Tennessee sixth-grade science standards

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PS Physical Sciences

LS Life Sciences

ESS Earth and Space Sciences

  • 6-ESS2 Earth's Systems

    • 6-ESS2-1 Gather evidence to justify that oceanic convection currents are caused by the sun's transfer of heat energy and differences in salt concentration leading to global water movement.

    • 6-ESS2-2 Diagram convection patterns that flow due to uneven heating of the earth.

    • 6-ESS2-3 Construct an explanation for how atmospheric flow, geographic features, and ocean currents affect the climate of a region through heat transfer.

    • 6-ESS2-4 Apply scientific principles to design a method to analyze and interpret the impact of humans and other organisms on the hydrologic cycle.

    • 6-ESS2-5 Analyze and interpret data from weather conditions, weather maps, satellites, and radar to predict probable local weather patterns and conditions.

    • 6-ESS2-6 Explain how relationships between the movement and interactions of air masses, high and low pressure systems, and frontal boundaries result in weather conditions and severe storms.

  • 6-ESS3 Earth and Human Activity

    • 6-ESS3-1 Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources by asking questions about their availability and sustainability.

    • 6-ESS3-2 Investigate and compare existing and developing technologies that utilize renewable and alternative energy resources.

    • 6-ESS3-3 Assess the impacts of human activities on the biosphere including conservation, habitat management, species endangerment, and extinction.

ETS Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science