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Skills available for Texas fourth-grade language arts standards

Standards are in black and IXL language arts skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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1 Cross-curricular second language acquisition/learning strategies.

2 Cross-curricular second language acquisition/listening.

3 Cross-curricular second language acquisition/speaking.

  • 3.A practice producing sounds of newly acquired vocabulary such as long and short vowels, silent letters, and consonant clusters to pronounce English words in a manner that is increasingly comprehensible;

  • 3.B expand and internalize initial English vocabulary by learning and using high-frequency English words necessary for identifying and describing people, places, and objects, by retelling simple stories and basic information represented or supported by pictures, and by learning and using routine language needed for classroom communication;

  • 3.C speak using a variety of grammatical structures, sentence lengths, sentence types, and connecting words with increasing accuracy and ease as more English is acquired;

  • 3.D speak using grade-level content area vocabulary in context to internalize new English words and build academic language proficiency;

  • 3.E share information in cooperative learning interactions;

  • 3.F ask and give information ranging from using a very limited bank of high-frequency, high-need, concrete vocabulary, including key words and expressions needed for basic communication in academic and social contexts, to using abstract and content-based vocabulary during extended speaking assignments;

  • 3.G express opinions, ideas, and feelings ranging from communicating single words and short phrases to participating in extended discussions on a variety of social and grade-appropriate academic topics;

  • 3.H narrate, describe, and explain with increasing specificity and detail as more English is acquired;

  • 3.I adapt spoken language appropriately for formal and informal purposes; and

  • 3.J respond orally to information presented in a wide variety of print, electronic, audio, and visual media to build and reinforce concept and language attainment.

4 Cross-curricular second language acquisition/reading.

5 Cross-curricular second language acquisition/writing.