Implementation guides

Discover simple, effective ways to use IXL in your classroom

IXL supports your teaching at every step

  • Lesson

  • Delivering

  • Checking for

Explore meaningful strategies for IXL implementation

  • daily

    IXL for Daily Instruction

    • Find an IXL skill that supports today's lesson
    • Cement students' understanding through skill practice
    • Get ideas for next steps using the Skill Analysis report
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  • curriculum

    IXL for Supporting Core Curriculum

    • Build your lesson instantly with IXL's skill plans
    • Assign relevant IXL skills for classwork or homework
    • Uncover trouble spots and plan small-group instruction with IXL Analytics
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  • diagnostic

    IXL for Diagnostic Assessment

    • Pinpoint students' knowledge levels
    • Get personalized next steps for every learner
    • Access up-to-date insights when you need them
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  • standards

    IXL for Standards Prep

    • Find the perfect skills to match your target standard
    • Reinforce instruction and build mastery with IXL skills
    • Plan next steps with insights from IXL Analytics
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  • personalized

    IXL for Personalized Practice

    • Empower student choice with the Recommendations wall
    • Encourage students to reach proficiency on their personalized skills
    • Dig into data to check on student progress
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  • instruction

    IXL for Whole-Class Instruction

    • Pick an IXL skill that complements your lesson
    • Use IXL to model the lesson, then have students work independently
    • Dive deep into class performance with the Skill Analysis report
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  • realtime

    IXL for Live Assessment

    • Select a target skill for assessment
    • Get instant insights on their progress with IXL's Live Classroom
    • Tap into IXL Analytics for ways to help students who need assistance
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