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Skills available for Arizona sixth-grade science standards

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6.P Physical Sciences

6.E Earth and Space Sciences

  • 6.E1U1.6 Investigate and construct an explanation demonstrating that radiation from the Sun provides energy and is absorbed to warm the Earth's surface and atmosphere.

  • 6.E2U1.7 Use ratios and proportions to analyze and interpret data related to scale, properties, and relationships among objects in our solar system.

  • 6.E2U1.8 Develop and use models to explain how constellations and other night sky patterns appear to move due to Earth's rotation and revolution.

  • 6.E2U1.9 Develop and use models to construct an explanation of how eclipses, moon phases, and tides occur within the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

  • 6.E2U1.10 Use a model to show how the tilt of Earth's axis causes variations in the length of the day and gives rise to seasons.

6.L Life Sciences