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Skills available for Arizona sixth-grade science standards

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1 Inquiry Process

2 History and Nature of Science

3 Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • 1 Describe the interactions between human populations, natural hazards, and the environment.

    • PO 1 Evaluate the effects of the following natural hazards:

      • sandstorm

      • hurricane

      • tornado

      • ultraviolet light

      • lightning-caused fire

    • PO 2 Describe how people plan for, and respond to, the following natural disasters:

      • drought

      • flooding

      • tornadoes

  • 2 Develop viable solutions to a need or problem.

4 Life Science

5 Physical Science

  • 1 Understand physical and chemical properties of matter.

  • 2 Understand the relationship between force and motion.

  • 3 Understand that energy can be stored and transferred.

    • PO 1 Identify various ways in which electrical energy is generated using renewable and nonrenewable resources (e.g., wind, dams, fossil fuels, nuclear reactions).

    • PO 2 Identify several ways in which energy may be stored.

    • PO 3 Compare the following ways in which energy may be transformed:

      • mechanical to electrical

      • electrical to thermal

    • PO 4 Explain how thermal energy (heat energy) can be transferred by:

      • conduction

      • convection

      • radiation

6 Earth and Space Science

  • 1 Describe the composition and interactions between the structure of the Earth and its atmosphere.

    • PO 1 Describe the properties and the composition of the layers of the atmosphere.

    • PO 2 Explain the composition, properties, and structure of the Earth's lakes and rivers.

    • PO 3 Explain the composition, properties, and structures of the oceans' zones and layers.

    • PO 4 Analyze the interactions between the Earth's atmosphere and the Earth's bodies of water (water cycle).

    • PO 5 Describe ways scientists explore the Earth's atmosphere and bodies of water.

  • 2 Understand the processes acting on the Earth and their interaction with the earth systems.

  • 3 Understand the relationships of the Earth and other objects in the solar system.