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Skills available for Arizona third-grade science standards

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1 Inquiry Process

2 History and Nature of Science

  • 1 Identify individual and cultural contributions to scientific knowledge.

    • PO 1 Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made important contributions to scientific innovations (e.g., John Muir [naturalist], supports Strand 4; Thomas Edison [inventor], supports Strand 5; Mae Jemison [engineer, physician, astronaut], supports Strand 6,; Edmund Halley [scientist], supports Strand 6).

    • PO 2 Describe science-related career opportunities.

  • 2 Understand how science is a process for generating knowledge.

    • PO 1 Describe how, in a system (e.g., terrarium, house) with many components, the components usually influence one another.

    • PO 2 Explain why a system may not work if a component is defective or missing.

3 Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • 1 Describe the interactions between human populations, natural hazards, and the environment.

    • PO 1 Describe the major factors that would impact a human population (e.g., famine, drought, disease, improved transportation, medical breakthroughs).

    • PO 2 Describe the beneficial and harmful impacts of natural events and human activities on the environment (e.g., forest fires, flooding, pesticides).

  • 2 Understand the impact of technology.

    • PO 1 Identify ways that people use tools and techniques to solve problems.

    • PO 2 Describe the development of different technologies (e.g., communication, entertainment, transportation, medicine) in response to resources, needs, and values.

    • PO 3 Design and construct a technological solution to a common problem or need using common materials.

4 Life Science

5 Physical Science

6 Earth and Space Science