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F Functions

V Vectors

MO Matrix Operations

PS Probability and Statistics

  • PS.5.ATMM Students will interpret linear models, calculate expected values to solve problems, and use probability to evaluate outcomes of decisions

    • PS.5.ATMM.1 Define a random variable for a quantity of interest by assigning a numerical value to each event in a sample space; graph the corresponding probability distribution using the same graphical displays as for data distributions.

    • PS.5.ATMM.2 Calculate the expected value of a random variable; interpret it as the mean of the probability distribution.

    • PS.5.ATMM.3 Develop a probability distribution for a random variable defined for a sample space in which theoretical probabilities can be calculated; find the expected value (e.g., find the theoretical probability distribution for the number of correct answers obtained by guessing on all five questions of a multiple-choice test where each question has four choices; find the expected grade under various grading schemes).

    • PS.5.ATMM.4 Develop a probability distribution for a random variable defined for a sample space in which probabilities are assigned empirically; find the expected value (e.g., find a current data distribution on the number of TV sets per household in the United States and calculate the expected number of sets per household; how many TV sets would you expect to find in 100 randomly selected households?).

    • PS.5.ATMM.5 Find the expected payoff for a game of chance (e.g., find the expected winnings from a state lottery or a game at a fast-food restaurant).

    • PS.5.ATMM.6 Evaluate and compare strategies on the basis of expected values (e.g., compare a high-deductible versus a low-deductible automobile insurance policy using various but reasonable chances of having a minor or major accident).