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Skills available for Arkansas high school math standards

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HSN Number and Quantity

HSA Algebra

HSF Functions

HSS Statistics and Probability

  • HSS.ID Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data

  • HSS.IC Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions

    • HSS.IC.A Understand and evaluate random processes underlying statistical experiments

    • HSS.IC.B Make inferences and justify conclusions from sample surveys, experiments and observational studies

      • HSS.IC.B.3 Recognize the purposes of and differences among sample surveys, experiments, and observational studies. Explain how randomization relates to sample surveys, experiments, and observational studies.

      • HSS.IC.B.6 Read and explain, in context, the validity of data from outside reports by identifying the variables as quantitative or categorical, describing how the data was collected, indicating any potential biases or flaws, identifying inferences the author of the report made from sample data.