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Skills available for Arkansas eighth-grade social studies standards

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4 Expansion and Reform 1801-1861

5 Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877

6 Development of the Industrial United States 1870- 1900

  • 3 Students will analyze the development of the industrial United States and the economic and cultural transformation that led to modern America.

    • Era6.3.8.1 Analyze economic, geographic, and technological growth associated with the Second Industrial Revolution and its impact on American society

    • Era6.3.8.2 Examine the effects of immigration after 1870 (e.g., social patterns, national unity, cultural diversity, conflicts)

    • Era6.3.8.3 Analyze the historical significance of individuals, groups, and events

    • Era6.3.8.4 Examine government policies and laws that addressed the escalating labor conflicts and the rise of labor unions using primary and secondary sources

    • Era6.3.8.5 Analyze responses to social, economic, and political issues prior to 1900 (e.g., successes and failures of Populism, economic depressions, civil service reform, Tammany Hall, business regulations)

    • Era6.3.8.6 Evaluate federal Indian policy, westward expansion, and the resulting struggles from a variety of perspectives using multiple sources

    • Era6.3.8.7 Explain the origins and development of American expansionism (e.g., acquisition of new territories, Spanish-American War, expansionist foreign policy, Filipino insurrection)