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Skills available for Colorado second-grade social studies standards

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1 History

  • 1 Identify historical sources and utilize the tools of a historian

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 How can two people understand the same event differently?

      • 2 Why is it important to use more than one source for information?

      • 3 How can putting events in order by time help describe the past?

      • 4 What kinds of tools and sources do historical thinkers use to investigate the past?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 The ability to identify reliable historical sources is essential to searching for and communicating information. For example, individuals searching on the Internet must find reliable sources for information; reporters must find reliable information for news stories; and historians must use scholarly sources when writing nonfiction pieces.

      • 2 The tools of historians are used to share thoughts and ideas about the past such as selecting a historical name for a building, school, park, or playground; recounting a news event in the neighborhood; and using a timeline to gauge progress toward the completion of a project.

    • Nature of History:

      • 1 Historical thinkers gather firsthand accounts of history through oral histories.

      • 2 Historical thinkers use artifacts and documents to investigate the past.

  • 2 People have influenced the history of neighborhoods and communities

2 Geography

3 Economics

  • 1 The scarcity of resources affects the choices of individuals and communities

    • Inquiry Questions:

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Comparison of prices of goods and services in relationship to limited income helps to make informed and financially sound decisions.

      • 2 Decisions must be made if there is a limited amount of income and the need for a costly good or service. For example, you may borrow, save, or get a new job to make the purchase.

      • 3 Scarcity of resources affects decisions such as where to buy resources based on cost or where to locate a business.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Economic thinkers analyze how goods and services are produced and priced.

      • 2 Economic thinkers analyze scarcity of resources and its impact on cost of goods and services.

  • 2 Apply decision-making processes to financial decisions

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 How do individuals make and analyze the consequences of financial decisions?

      • 2 How do individuals meet their short- and long-term goals?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Personal financial decisions are based on responsible evaluation of the consequences.

      • 2 Purchase decisions are based on such things as quality, price, and personal goals. For example, you decide whether to spend money on candy or the movies.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Financially responsible individuals use good decision-making tools in planning their spending and saving.

4 Civics