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Skills available for Colorado eighth-grade social studies standards

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1 History

2 Geography

3 Economics

  • 1 Economic freedom, including free trade, is important for economic growth

    • Inquiry Questions:

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 The understanding of trade and collaboration within the market economy is important to business and individual economic success.

      • 2 Analysis of the positive and negative impacts of trade agreements is critical to a nation's economy. For example, the Santa Fe Trail and the opening of trade with Japan in American history.

      • 3 Identification of the role of information as a good or service and its influence on production, trade, income, and technological advances aids businesses to operate efficiently.

      • 4 Innovation and invention create absolute or comparative advantage in trade.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Economic thinkers explore the patterns and development of the interconnected nature of trade.

      • 2 Economic thinkers analyze the components of economic growth.

  • 2 Manage personal credit and debt

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 Why is understanding credit and debt important?

      • 2 How do you manage debt?

      • 3 Why is it important to know about different types of credit?

      • 4 How do you view debt and credit?

      • 5 When is debt useful?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Technology aids in the research of purchases to find the lowest available cost, compare sources of credit, and track debt.

      • 2 Analysis of the cost of borrowing helps to determine how to manage debt for such items as higher education and automobile purchases.

      • 3 Technology is used to research credit history, credit scores, and the variables that impact a credit history to protect personal financial security.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Financially responsible individuals manage debt.

      • 2 Financially responsible individuals understand the responsibilities associated with the use of credit.

4 Civics