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Skills available for Massachusetts seventh-grade science standards

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7.MS-ESS Earth and Space Sciences

7.MS-LS Life Science

7.MS-PS Physical Science

7.MS-ETS Technology/Engineering

  • 7.MS-ETS1 Engineering Design

  • 7.MS-ETS3 Technological Systems

    • 7.MS-ETS3-1(MA) Explain the function of a communication system and the role of its components, including a source, encoder, transmitter, receiver, decoder, and storage.

    • 7.MS-ETS3-2(MA) Compare the benefits and drawbacks of different communication systems.

    • 7.MS-ETS3-3(MA) Research and communicate information about how transportation systems are designed to move people and goods using a variety of vehicles and devices. Identify and describe subsystems of a transportation vehicle, including structural, propulsion, guidance, suspension, and control subsystems.

    • 7.MS-ETS3-4(MA) Show how the components of a structural system work together to serve a structural function. Provide examples of physical structures and relate their design to their intended use.

    • 7.MS-ETS3-5(MA) Use the concept of systems engineering to model inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback among components of a transportation, structural, or communication system.