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Skills available for Massachusetts fifth-grade science standards

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5-ESS Earth and Space Sciences

  • 5-ESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe

    • 5-ESS1-1 Use observations, first-hand and from various media, to argue that the Sun is a star that appears larger and brighter than other stars because it is closer to Earth.

    • 5-ESS1-2 Use a model to communicate Earth's relationship to the Sun, Moon, and other stars that explain (a) why people on Earth experience day and night, (b) patterns in daily changes in length and direction of shadows over a day, and (c) changes in the apparent position of the Sun, Moon, and stars at different times during a day, over a month, and over a year.

  • 5-ESS2 Earth's Systems

  • 5-ESS3 Earth and Human Activity

5-LS Life Science

5-PS Physical Science