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Skills available for Massachusetts fifth-grade science standards

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5-ESS Earth and Space Sciences

  • 5-ESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe

    • 5-ESS1-1 Use observations, first-hand and from various media, to argue that the Sun is a star that appears larger and brighter than other stars because it is closer to Earth.

    • 5-ESS1-2 Use a model to communicate Earth's relationship to the Sun, Moon, and other stars that explain (a) why people on Earth experience day and night, (b) patterns in daily changes in length and direction of shadows over a day, and (c) changes in the apparent position of the Sun, Moon, and stars at different times during a day, over a month, and over a year.

  • 5-ESS2 Earth's Systems

    • 5-ESS2-1 Use a model to describe the cycling of water through a watershed through evaporation, precipitation, absorption, surface runoff, and condensation.

    • 5-ESS2-2 Describe and graph the relative amounts of salt water in the ocean; fresh water in lakes, rivers, and ground water; and fresh water frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps to provide evidence about the availability of fresh water in Earth's biosphere.

  • 5-ESS3 Earth and Human Activity

5-LS Life Science

  • 5-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

  • 5-LS2 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

    • 5-LS2-1 Develop a model to describe the movement of matter among producers, consumers, decomposers, and the air, water, and soil in the environment to (a) show that plants produce sugars and plant materials, (b) show that animals can eat plants and/or other animals for food, and (c) show that some organisms, including fungi and bacteria, break down dead organisms and recycle some materials back to the air and soil.

    • 5-LS2-2(MA) Compare at least two designs for a composter to determine which is most likely to encourage decomposition of materials.

5-PS Physical Science