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Skills available for Massachusetts sixth-grade social studies standards

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Central and South Asia


North and East Asia

South America

Southeast Asia and Oceania

  • SEAO.1 On a map of the world, locate Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, the major Pacific Islands, the Pacific Ocean, and the Coral Sea. On a map of Southeast Asia and Oceana, locate the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea, the Great Victoria Desert, and the Great Barrier Reef.

  • SEAO.2 Use a map key to locate countries and major cities in the various regions of Southeast Asia, Australia, and the major Pacific Islands.

  • SEAO.3 Explain how the following five factors have influenced settlement and the economies of major countries of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

    • A absolute and relative locations

    • B climate

    • C major physical characteristics

    • D major natural resources

    • E population size

  • SEAO.4 Identify when countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania became independent countries and describe how independence was achieved.

Western Asia (the Middle East)