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Skills available for Massachusetts sixth-grade social studies standards

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History and Geography

  • 1 Use map and globe skills learned in prekindergarten to grade five to interpret different kinds of projections, as well as topographic, landform, political, population, and climate maps.

  • 2 Use geographic terms correctly, such as delta, glacier, location, settlement, region, natural resource, human resource, mountain, hill, plain, plateau, river, island, isthmus, peninsula, erosion, climate, drought, monsoon, hurricane, ocean and wind currents, tropics, desert, continent, region, country, nation, rain forest, tundra, and urbanization.

  • 3 Interpret geographic information from a graph or chart and construct a graph or chart that conveys geographic information (e.g., about rainfall, temperature, or population size data).

  • 4 Explain the difference between absolute and relative location and give examples of different ways to indicate relative location for countries or cities across the world.

  • 5 Identify how current world atlases are organized and the kind of information they provide for each continent and country.

  • 6 Identify what time zones are, when and how the precise measurement of longitude was scientifically and historically determined, the function and location of the international date line, and the function of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, and give examples of differences in time in countries in different parts of the world.

  • 7 Use the following demographic terms correctly: ethnic group, religious group, and linguistic group.

Civics and Government