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Skills available for Minnesota eighth-grade math standards

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8.1 Number & Operation

8.2 Algebra

8.3 Geometry & Measurement

8.4 Data Analysis & Probability

  • 8.4.1 Interpret data using scatterplots and approximate lines of best fit. Use lines of best fit to draw conclusions about data.

    • Collect, display and interpret data using scatterplots. Use the shape of the scatterplot to informally estimate a line of best fit and determine an equation for the line. Use appropriate titles, labels and units. Know how to use graphing technology to display scatterplots and corresponding lines of best fit.

    • Use a line of best fit to make statements about approximate rate of change and to make predictions about values not in the original data set.

    • Assess the reasonableness of predictions using scatterplots by interpreting them in the original context.