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Skills available for Minnesota seventh-grade social studies standards

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1 Citizenship and Government

  • 1 Civic Skills

    • 1 Democratic government depends on informed and engaged citizens who exhibit civic skills and values, practice civic discourse, vote and participate in elections, apply inquiry and analysis skills and take action to solve problems and shape public policy.

  • 2 Civic Values and Principles of Democracy

    • 3 The United States is based on democratic values and principles that include liberty, individual rights, justice, equality, the rule of law, limited government, common good, popular sovereignty, majority rule and minority rights.

      • Identify examples of how principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Preamble to the Constitution have been applied throughout United States history, including how they have evolved (if applicable) over time.

  • 3 Rights and Responsibilities

  • 4 Governmental Institutions and Political Processes

  • 5 Relationships of the United States to other nations and organizations

    • 10 The United States establishes and maintains relationships and interacts with indigenous nations and other sovereign nations, and plays a key role in world affairs.

      • Describe diplomacy and other foreign policy tools; cite historical cases in which the United States government used these tools.

2 Economics

3 Geography

4 History