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Skills available for North Carolina fourth-grade social studies standards

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Geography and Environmental Literacy

  • NCES.4.G.1 Understand how human, environmental and technological factors affect the growth and development of North Carolina.

    • NCES.4.G.1.1 Summarize changes that have occurred in North Carolina since statehood (population growth, transportation, communication and land use).

    • NCES.4.G.1.2 Explain the impact that human activity has on the availability of natural resources in North Carolina.

    • NCES.4.G.1.3 Exemplify the interactions of various peoples, places and cultures in terms of adaptation and modification of the environment.

    • NCES.4.G.1.4 Explain the impact of technology (communication, transportation and inventions) on North Carolina's citizens, past and present.

Economics and Financial Literacy

Civics and Governance

  • NCES.4.C&G.1 Understand the development, structure and function of North Carolina's government.

    • NCES.4.C&G.1.1 Summarize the key principles and revisions of the North Carolina Constitution.

    • NCES.4.C&G.1.2 Compare the roles and responsibilities of state elected leaders.

    • NCES.4.C&G.1.3 Explain the influence of the colonial history of North Carolina on the governing documents of our state.

    • NCES.4.C&G.1.4 Compare North Carolina's government with local governments.

  • NCES.4.C&G.2 Analyze the North Carolina Constitution.

    • NCES.4.C&G.2.1 Analyze the preamble and articles of the North Carolina Constitution in terms of rights and responsibilities.

    • NCES.4.C&G.2.2 Give examples of rights and responsibilities of citizens according to North Carolina Constitution.

    • NCES.4.C&G.2.3 Differentiate between rights and responsibilities reflected in the North Carolina Constitution.


  • NCES.4.C.1 Understand the impact of various cultural groups on North Carolina.

    • NCES.4.C.1.1 Explain how the settlement of people from various cultures affected the development of regions in North Carolina (languages, foods and traditions).

    • NCES.4.C.1.2 Explain how the artistic expression of various groups represents the cultural heritage of North Carolina.