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Skills available for Ohio first-grade science standards

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ESS Earth and Space Science

  • Sun, Energy, and Weather

    • 1.ESS.1 The sun is the principal source of energy.

      • 1.ESS.1.a Sunlight warms Earth's land, air and water. The amount of exposure to sunlight affects the amount of warming or cooling of air, water and land.

    • 1.ESS.2 Water on Earth is present in many forms.

PS Physical Science

  • Motion and Materials

    • 1.PS.1 Properties of objects and materials can change.

      • 1.PS.1.a Objects and materials change when exposed to various conditions, such as heating or cooling. Changes in temperature are a result of changes in energy. Not all materials change in the same way.

    • 1.PS.2 Objects can be moved in a variety of ways, such as straight, zigzag, circular and back and forth.

      • 1.PS.2.a The position of an object can be described by locating it relative to another object or to the object's surroundings. An object is in motion when its position is changing.

      • 1.PS.2.b The motion of an object can be affected by pushing or pulling. A push or pull is a force that can make an object move faster, slower or go in a different direction. Changes in motion are a result of changes in energy.

LS Life Science