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Skills available for Oklahoma eighth-grade social studies standards

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The American Revolution

The Early Republic through the early 19th century

  • 8.3 The student will examine the formation of the American system of government following the Revolutionary War and the creation of the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law of the land.

  • 8.4 The student will examine the political and economic changes that occurred during the Early Federal Period.

    • 8.4.1 Analyze the impact of the Whiskey Rebellion and enforcement of the government's right to tax.

    • 8.4.2 Describe President Washington's attempt to develop a cohesive Indian policy, which included respectful interactions with American Indian leaders, treaties to delineate tribal lands, and precedent-setting practices of assimilation.

    • 8.4.3 Describe the advice in President Washington's Farewell Address and its impact.

    • 8.4.4 Evaluate the impact of the Alien and Sedition Acts on individual rights during the Adams Administration, including the responses of the Democratic-Republicans in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

  • 8.5 The student will analyze the political and geographic changes that occurred during the Jeffersonian Era.

    • 8.5.1 Explain the impact of the peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another, as exhibited by the presidential election of 1800.

    • 8.5.2 Analyze the impact of the Supreme Court under the leadership of Chief John Marshall and the Marbury v. Madison decision which confirmed the principle of judicial review.

    • 8.5.3 Analyze the acquisition of the Louisiana territory, the contributions of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition, and the eventual establishment of the Indian Territory.

  • 8.6 The student will examine the political, economic and social transformations during the "Era of Good Feelings."

    • 8.6.1 Explain how the War of 1812 confirmed American independence and fueled a spirit of nationalism, reflected in the lyrics of our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key.

    • 8.6.2 Examine the Monroe Doctrine as a policy of isolationism which was designed to protect American interests in the Western Hemisphere.

    • 8.6.3 Analyze the impact of McCulloch v. Maryland which established federal supremacy concerning taxation.

    • 8.6.4 Examine the increased tension between Southern sectionalist and Northern nationalist perspectives.

    • 8.6.5 Summarize the impact of the Missouri Compromise on the expansion of slavery into new western territories.

  • 8.7 The student will examine the political, economic and social transformations of the Jacksonian Era.

  • 8.8 The student will examine the political, economic, social, and geographic changes that occurred during the period of westward expansion.

    • 8.8.1 Examine the concept and opposing perspectives toward Manifest Destiny as a motivation and justification for westward expansion.

    • 8.8.2 Explain the territorial growth of the United States including the annexation of Texas, Mexican Cession, and the Gadsden Purchase; describe the need to maintain a balance of "free" and "slave" states.

    • 8.8.3 Identify push and pull factors of mass migration and the settlement of western territories including the California Gold Rush, settlement of Oregon, and the Mormon migration.

    • 8.8.4 Analyze the consequences of westward expansion, including the impact on the culture of American Indians and their homelands, and the growing sectional tensions regarding the expansion of slavery.

  • 8.9 The student will analyze the social and economic transformations of the early nineteenth century.

The Civil War and Reconstruction