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Skills available for Oklahoma kindergarten social studies standards

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  • K.1 The student will exhibit traits of good citizenship.

    • K.1.1 Describe the importance of rules, personal responsibilities, and natural consequences as a member of a family, class, and school.

    • K.1.2 Identify ways to be an active member of the community.

    • K.1.3 Identify the United States Flag as a symbol of the country, explaining the stripes as symbols for the first states and the stars as symbols for the current states in our country.

    • K.1.4 Identify the purpose of the Pledge of Allegiance and explain appropriate flag etiquette.

    • K.1.5 Identify other important United States symbols including the Statue of Liberty located in New York Harbor.


  • K.2 The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic physical and human geographic concepts.

    • K.2.1 Explain that a globe is a model of the Earth and that a map is a drawing of a place; construct basic maps.

    • K.2.2 Identify basic cardinal directions and relative location terms.

    • K.2.3 Identify the shape of the state of Oklahoma on a map.

    • K.2.4 Explain that the school is part of a larger community and one's community is within the state of Oklahoma.

    • K.2.5 Describe what makes one's community alike or different than other communities.

    • K.2.6 Describe family and community customs and traditions as basic elements of culture.