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Skills available for Pennsylvania fourth-grade science standards

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S4.A The Nature of Science

S4.B Biological Sciences

S4.C Physical Sciences

S4.D Earth and Space Sciences

  • S4.D.1 Earth Features and Processes that Change Earth and Its Resources

    • S4.D.1.1 Describe basic landforms in Pennsylvania.

      • S4.D.1.1.1 Describe how prominent Earth features in Pennsylvania (e.g., mountains, valleys, caves, sinkholes, lakes, rivers) were formed.

      • S4.D.1.1.2 Identify various Earth structures (e.g., mountains, watersheds, peninsulas, lakes, rivers, valleys) through the use of models.

      • S4.D.1.1.3 Describe the composition of soil as weathered rock and decomposed organic remains.

    • S4.D.1.2 Identify the types and uses of Earth's resources.

    • S4.D.1.3 Describe Earth's different sources of water or describe changes in the form of water.

  • S4.D.2 Weather, Climate, and Atmospheric Processes

    • S4.D.2.1 Identify basic weather conditions and how they are measured.

      • S4.D.2.1.1 Identify basic cloud types (i.e., cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and cumulonimbus) and make connections to basic elements of weather (e.g., changes in temperature, precipitation).

      • S4.D.2.1.2 Identify weather patterns from data charts or graphs of the data (e.g., temperature, wind direction, wind speed, cloud types, precipitation).

      • S4.D.2.1.3 Identify appropriate instruments (i.e., thermometer, rain gauge, weather vane, anemometer, and barometer) to study weather and what they measure.

  • S4.D.3 Composition and Structure of the Universe

    • S4.D.3.1 Describe Earth's relationship to the Sun and the Moon.

      • S4.D.3.1.1 Describe motions of the Sun - Earth - Moon system.

      • S4.D.3.1.2 Explain how the motion of the Sun - Earth - Moon system relates to time (e.g., days, months, years).

      • S4.D.3.1.3 Describe the causes of seasonal change as they relate to the revolution of Earth and the tilt of Earth's axis.