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Skills available for Pennsylvania fourth-grade science standards

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4.1 Ecology

4.2 Watersheds and Wetlands

  • 4.2.4.A Watersheds

    • Describe the physical characteristics of a watershed.

      • Identify and explain what determines the boundaries of a watershed.

      • Identify water systems and their components as either lotic or lentic.

  • 4.2.4.B Wetlands

    • Describe the characteristics of different types of wetlands.

  • 4.2.4.C Aquatic Ecosystems

    • Explain how freshwater organisms are adapted to their environment.

      • Explain the life cycles of organisms in a freshwater environment.

  • 4.2.4.D Science as Inquiry

4.3 Natural Resources

  • 4.3.4.A Use of Natural Resources

    • Identify ways humans depend on natural resources for survival.

  • 4.3.4.B Availability of Natural Resources

    • Identify the geographic origins of various natural resources.

  • 4.3.4.C Science as Inquiry

4.4 Agriculture and Society

  • 4.4.4.A Food and Fiber System

    • Describe the journey of local/global agricultural commodities from production to consumption.

  • 4.4.4.B Importance of Agriculture

    • Describe how humans rely on the food and fiber system.

      • Identify Pennsylvania's important agricultural products.

  • 4.4.4.C Applying Sciences to Agriculture

    • Use scientific inquiry to investigate the composition of various soils.

  • 4.4.4.D Technology Influences on Agriculture

    • Identify how technology affects the development of civilizations through agricultural production.

  • 4.4.4.E Science as Inquiry

4.5 Humans and the Environment

  • 4.5.4.A Sustainability

    • Identify how people use natural resources in sustainable and non-sustainable ways.

  • 4.5.4.B Integrated Pest Management

    • Determine the circumstances that cause humans to identify an organism as a pest.

  • 4.5.4.C Pollution

  • 4.5.4.D Waste Management

    • Describe a waste stream.

      • Identify sources of waste derived from the use of natural resources.

      • Identify those items that can be recycled and those that can not.

      • Describe how everyday activities may affect the environment.

  • 4.5.4.E Human Health Issues

    • Identify different ways human health can be affected by pollution.

  • 4.5.4.F Science as Inquiry