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Skills available for Pennsylvania seventh-grade science standards

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4.1 Ecology

4.2 Watersheds and Wetlands

  • 4.2.7.A Watersheds

    • Explain how water enters, moves through, and leaves a watershed.

      • Explain the concept of stream order.

      • Describe factors that affect the flow and water quality within a watershed.

  • 4.2.7.B Wetlands

    • Explain the primary functions of a wetland within a watershed.

      • Providing habitat, flood control, water purification.

      • Serving as buffer zones, wildlife propagation areas, and food and fiber systems.

  • 4.2.7.C Aquatic Ecosystems

    • Use appropriate tools and techniques to analyze a freshwater environment.

      • Interpret physical, chemical, and biological data as a means of assessing the environmental quality of a freshwater environment.

  • 4.2.7.D Science as Inquiry

4.3 Natural Resources

  • 4.3.7.A Use of Natural Resources

    • Explain how products are derived from natural resources.

    • Describe the process of converting raw materials to consumer goods.

    • Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

  • 4.3.7.B Availability of Natural Resources

    • Explain the distribution and management of natural resources.

      • Differentiate between resource uses: conservation, preservation, and exploitation.

  • 4.3.7.C Science as Inquiry

4.4 Agriculture and Society

  • 4.4.7.A Food and Fiber System

    • Describe how agricultural practices, the environment, and the availability of natural resources are related.

  • 4.4.7.B Importance of Agriculture

    • Describe the economic importance of agriculture to society.

  • 4.4.7.C Applying Sciences to Agriculture

    • Investigate resources, their relation to land use, and their impact on the food and fiber system.

  • 4.4.7.D Technology Influences on Agriculture

    • Identify the positive and negative effects of technology used in agriculture and its effects on the food and fiber system and the environment over time.

  • 4.4.7.E Science as Inquiry

4.5 Humans and the Environment

  • 4.5.7.A Sustainability

  • 4.5.7.B Integrated Pest Management

    • Describe the impact of pests in different geographic locations and techniques used to manage those pests.

      • Identify introduced species that are classified as pests in their new environments.

      • Research integrated pest management practices.

  • 4.5.7.C Pollution

    • Explain how human actions affect the health of the environment.

      • Identify residential and industrial sources of pollution and their effects on environmental health.

  • 4.5.7.D Waste Management

    • Describe the wastes derived from using resources, how the waste is managed, and the potential impact on the environment.

  • 4.5.7.E Human Health Issues

    • Describe how length and degree of exposure to pollutants may affect human health.

      • Identify diseases/ conditions that have been associated with exposure to pollutants.

  • 4.5.7.F Science as Inquiry