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Skills available for Tennessee first-grade social studies standards

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  • Students will discuss cultures within their community and state and how individuals, families, and communities live and work together.

    • 1.01 Describe the cultural aspects of a place, including a student's community and state.

    • 1.02 Define multiculturalism as many different cultures living within a community and state.

    • 1.03 Compare and contrast family traditions and customs among different cultures within a student's community and state.


  • Students will learn about goods and services, wants and needs, major products and industries found in Tennessee, and factors that influence people to save money.


  • Students will build on previously learned geographic skills and concepts to reinforce basic map reading, including identifying political and geographical features in Tennessee and the United States.

    • 1.10 Recognize basic map symbols, including: cities, land, roads, and water.

    • 1.11 Locate Tennessee, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. on a U.S. map.

    • 1.12 Use cardinal directions on a map.

    • 1.13 Distinguish the difference between a lake, mountain, ocean, and river.

    • 1.14 Identify the three grand divisions of Tennessee on a map.

Government and Civics

  • Students will continue to develop their citizenship skills by expanding their studies from a personal level to a local, state, and national level, including an understanding of the function of government and patriotic symbols.

    • 1.15 Identify the Governor and the President, and explain their roles.

    • 1.16 Explain the importance of patriotic traditions, including the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, and respectful behavior during both.

    • 1.17 Distinguish the differences between rules and laws, and give examples of each.

    • 1.18 Define citizenship, and recognize traits of good citizens, such as respecting the rights of others, voting, following laws, etc.

    • 1.19 Explain that voting is a way of making choices and decisions.

    • 1.20 Recognize that a mayor is the leader of a town/city, and explain his/her role.

    • 1.21 Identify Tennessee symbols, including: state flag, state tree, state flower, state bird, state animal, and the significance of the state nickname.


  • Students will compare life today to the past, utilize chronological sequence, identify significant individuals and groups, and understand the impact of national holidays.