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Skills available for Tennessee fourth-grade social studies standards

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1 The War for Independence (1700s-1780s): Students will explain the causes, course, and key figures of the American Revolution.

2 Creating a New Government (1781-1789): Students will describe the people involved in writing, events leading up to, and the ideas embedded within the Constitution.

  • 2.4.11 Identify the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, including: no power to tax, weak central government, and the impact of Shays' Rebellion.

  • 2.4.12 Identify the roles of James Madison and George Washington during the Constitutional Convention, and analyze the major issues debated, including:

    • 2.4.12.a Distribution of power between the states and federal government

    • 2.4.12.b Great Compromise

    • 2.4.12.c Slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise

  • 2.4.13 Describe the conflict between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists over ratification of the Constitution, including the need for a Bill of Rights.

  • 2.4.14 Describe the principles embedded in the Constitution, including:

3 Building the New Nation (1790-1830): Students will explore the development of the federal government, the exploration of the West, the impact of expansion on American Indians, and the contributions of key people during this era.

4 The Growth of the Republic (1800s-1850): Students will explore the emergence of the U.S. industrial economy, the growth of slavery in the South, and westward expansion.

5 The United States Prior the Civil War (1820s-1861): Students will explore the events that led to the Civil War, focusing on the impact of slavery, the abolition movement, and the major differences of the states.

6 The Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1870s): Students will understand the causes and course of the Civil War and the successes and failures of Reconstruction.