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Skills available for Texas third-grade math standards

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2-4 Number and operations

5 Algebraic reasoning

6-7 Geometry and measurement

8 Data analysis

9 Personal financial literacy

  • 9 The student applies mathematical process standards to manage one's financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.

    • A explain the connection between human capital/labor and income;

    • B describe the relationship between the availability or scarcity of resources and how that impacts cost;

    • C identify the costs and benefits of planned and unplanned spending decisions;

    • D explain that credit is used when wants or needs exceed the ability to pay and that it is the borrower's responsibility to pay it back to the lender, usually with interest;

    • E list reasons to save and explain the benefit of a savings plan, including for college; and

    • F identify decisions involving income, spending, saving, credit, and charitable giving.