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Skills available for Utah eighth-grade social studies standards

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1 Students will interpret the role of geography in shaping United States history.

2 Students will investigate the relationship between events of different time periods.

  • 1 Develop an awareness of current events.

  • 2 Analyze how contemporary concerns and events affect and are affected by history.

    • a Apply knowledge of historical events to recent major events.

    • b Utilize contemporary news to discuss past events.

3 Students will understand the changes caused by European exploration in the Americas.

4 Students will analyze European colonization and settlement of North America.

5 Students will understand the significance of the American Revolution in the development of the United States.

6 Students will understand the structure and function of the United States government established by the Constitution.

7 Students will explore the territorial growth of the United States before the Civil War.

8 Students will examine the expansion of the political system and social rights before the Civil War.

9 Students will understand the significance of the Civil War Era to the United States.

10 Students will understand the development of the American West following the Civil War.

  • 1 Analyze the factors that brought people west.

    • a Examine why peoples came to the West; e.g., farmers, ranchers, miners, American Indian nations, immigrants, adventurers.

    • b Investigate the impact of mining and ranching on the land and people.

    • c Assess the impact of the railroad on western development.

  • 2 Analyze the settlement of the American West.

    • a Examine the changes of the landscape due to settlement patterns.

    • b Investigate the development of cities in the West.

    • c Assess the impact western settlement patterns had on the Native American Indians.

  • 3 Investigate the conflict among various groups involved in the settlement of the West.

    • a Determine the reasons and groups involved in conflict during the settlement of the West; e.g., ranchers, miners, farmers, American Indian nations, immigrants.

    • b Examine the consequences of conflict in the settlement of the West.