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Skills available for Utah eighth-grade social studies standards

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1 Students will understand the significance and impact of the Constitution on everyday life.

2 Students will understand the protections and privileges of individuals and groups in the United States.

3 Students will understand the distribution of power in the national, state, and local government in the United States federal system.

4 Students will understand the responsibilities of citizens in the United States.

5 Students will understand basic economic principles and how they influence everyday life.

6 Students will understand the relationship between the United States and the international system.

  • 1 Examine major government structures and functions outside the United States.

    • a Explain the purpose of government and analyze how government powers are acquired, used, and justified.

    • b Compare different political systems with that of the United States; e.g., dictatorship, democracy, theocracy, monarchy, totalitarianism.

    • c Analyze and evaluate conditions, actions, and motivations that contribute to conflict and cooperation within and among nations.

  • 2 Evaluate how United States foreign policy affects the world.

    • a Explain the powers that the Constitution gives to the president and Congress in foreign affairs, and how these powers have been used.

    • b Describe the process by which United States foreign policy is made; e.g., federal agencies, domestic interest groups, the public, the media.

    • c Analyze the various ways that United States foreign policy is carried out; e.g., diplomatic, economic, military, humanitarian.

    • d Explain how United States domestic politics affect United States foreign policy.

  • 3 Explore how the United States influences other nations, and how other nations influence the United States.