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Skills available for Virginia fourth-grade social studies standards

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Virginia: The Physical Geography and Native Peoples

  • VS.2 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between physical geography and the lives of the native peoples, past and present, of Virginia by

    • a locating Virginia and its bordering states on maps of the United States;

    • b locating and describing Virginia's Coastal Plain (Tidewater), Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau;

    • c locating and identifying water features important to the early history of Virginia (Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, James River, York River, Potomac River, Rappahannock River, and Lake Drummond and the Dismal Swamp);

    • d locating three American Indian language groups (the Algonquian, the Siouan, and the Iroquoian) on a map of Virginia;

    • e describing how American Indians related to the climate and their environment to secure food, clothing, and shelter;

    • f describing how archaeologists have recovered new material evidence at sites including Werowocomoco and Jamestown; and

    • g describing the lives of American Indians in Virginia today.

Colonization and Conflict: 1607 through the American Revolution

Political Growth and Western Expansion: 1781 to the Mid 1800s

  • VS.6 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the role of Virginia in the establishment of the new American nation by

    • a explaining why George Washington is called the "Father of our Country" and James Madison is called the "Father of the Constitution";

    • b identifying the ideas of George Mason, as expressed in the Virginia Declaration of Rights, and Thomas Jefferson, as expressed in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom; and

    • c explaining the influence of geography and technological advances on the migration of Virginians into other states and western territories in the first half of the 1800s.

Civil War and Postwar Eras

Virginia: 1900 to the Present