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Skills available for Arkansas fifth-grade social studies standards

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  • 4 Students will analyze economic decision making.

    • Scarcity

      • E.4.5.1 Explain ways trade-offs have allowed societies to get the most out of scarce resources

    • Costs and Benefits

      • E.4.5.2 Analyze historical developments in pre-colonial America through the Revolutionary period using models of economic decision making

  • 5 Students will analyze the exchange of goods and services and the role of producers, consumers, and government in the market place.

  • 6 Students will evaluate economic growth and stability.

    • Money

    • Public goods and Services

      • E.6 .5.3 Explain ways state and federal governments pay for the goods and services they provide

    • Economic Factors

      • E.6.5.4 Discuss effects of unemployment, inflation, and price stability on the economy of the United States through the Revolutionary period

      • E.6.5.5 Evaluate effects of war and conflict on communities from the colonial period to the early 1800s using economic factors

  • 7 Students will analyze economic interdependence within a global economy.

    • Economic Interdependence

      • E.7.5.1 Explain ways trade leads to increasing economic interdependence among countries (e.g., slave trade, triangular trade, manufactured goods, agriculture)

      • E.7.5.2 Explain effects of increasing economic interdependence on different groups within participating nations (e.g., conflict, competition, cooperation, increased wealth, quality of life)