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Skills available for Colorado third-grade social studies standards

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1 History

2 Geography

  • 1 Use various types of geographic tools to develop spatial thinking

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 What questions do geographers ask?

      • 2 How does the geography of where we live influence how we live?

      • 3 How do physical features provide opportunities and challenges to regions?

      • 4 How have the cultural experiences of groups in different regions influenced practices regarding the local environment?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Individuals and businesses use geographic tools to answer questions about places and locations such as where to locate a business or park, and how to landscape a yard.

      • 2 Spatial thinking involves analysis, problem-solving, and pattern prediction.

      • 3 Individuals develop spatial thinking to organize and make connections such as reading a map and understanding where you are, where you want to go, and how to get to the destination.

    • Nature of Geography:

      • 1 Spatial thinkers use and interpret information from geography tools to investigate geographic questions.

      • 2 Spatial thinkers analyze connections among places.

  • 2 The concept of regions is developed through an understanding of similarities and differences in places

3 Economics

4 Civics