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Skills available for Colorado third-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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SS.3.1 History

SS.3.2 Geography

SS.3.3 Economics

  • SS.3.3.1 Producers and consumers exchange goods and services in different ways.

    • SS.3.3.1.a Describe the difference between producers and consumers and explain how they need each other.

    • SS.3.3.1.b Describe and give examples of forms of exchange.

    • SS.3.3.1.c Describe how the exchange of goods and services between businesses and consumers affects all parties.

    • SS.3.3.1.d Recognize that different currencies exist and explain the functions of money.

    • SS.3.3.1.e Cite evidence to show how trade benefits individuals, businesses, and communities and increases interdependency.

  • SS.3.3.2 Create a plan to meet a financial goal (PFL).

    • SS.3.3.2.a Give examples of short-term spending and savings goals.

    • SS.3.3.2.b Identify jobs that children can do to earn money to reach personal financial goals.

    • SS.3.3.2.c Differentiate the role of income and expenses when creating a budget.

    • SS.3.3.2.d Create a plan with specific steps to reach a short-term financial goal.

    • SS.3.3.2.e Model strategies to achieve a personal financial goal using arithmetic operations.

SS.3.4 Civics