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1 History

2 Geography

3 Economics

  • 1 Government and market structures influence financial institutions

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 Why are there different types of financial institutions?

      • 2 In a market economy, who has the most power?

      • 3 What influence should government have on the economy and financial institutions?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Knowledge about the role of financial institutions in a market economy allows individuals and businesses to better prepare for financial security. For example, financial analysts monitor the banking industry; individuals can evaluate the services and costs of banking with various institutions; and businesses can borrow money to expand.

      • 2 Government actions affect the services and policies of financial institutions, thereby affecting financial options for individuals.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Economic thinkers analyze the actions of financial institutions in a market economy.

  • 2 Use of financial institutions to manage personal finances

    • Inquiry Questions:

      • 1 What factors are important when establishing savings or investments goals?

      • 2 What risks and benefits are associated with spending versus saving and investing?

      • 3 How can a checking account help to decide how to spend and save?

      • 4 Why do people use financial institutions and not self-banking?

      • 5 How do people choose a financial institution?

      • 6 Why do people need income?

    • Relevance and Application:

      • 1 Analysis of the benefits and risks of investing and saving with "virtual" and "brick and mortar" financial institutions helps to make informed financial decisions.

      • 2 Evaluation of the opportunity costs help to make financial decisions.

      • 3 Technology is used to track and graph the interest accrued on a "virtual" investments, checking and savings accounts, investments, and loans.

    • Nature of Economics:

      • 1 Financially responsible individuals make informed decisions about saving and investing for short- and long-term goals.

      • 2 Financially responsible individuals research, analyze, and make choices regarding their needs when using financial institutions.

4 Civics