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Skills available for Florida second-grade social studies standards

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SS.2.A American History

  • SS.2.A.1 Historical Inquiry and Analysis

  • SS.2.A.2 Historical Knowledge

    • SS.2.A.2.1 Recognize that Native Americans were the first inhabitants in North America.

    • SS.2.A.2.2 Compare the cultures of Native American tribes from various geographic regions of the United States.

    • SS.2.A.2.3 Describe the impact of immigrants on the Native Americans.

    • SS.2.A.2.4 Explore ways the daily life of people living in Colonial America changed over time.

    • SS.2.A.2.5 Identify reasons people came to the United States throughout history.

    • SS.2.A.2.6 Discuss the importance of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty to immigration from 1892 - 1954.

    • SS.2.A.2.7 Discuss why immigration continues today.

    • SS.2.A.2.8 Explain the cultural influences and contributions of immigrants today.

  • SS.2.A.3 Chronological Thinking

SS.2.CG Civics and Government (2021)

SS.2.C Civics and Government (2008)

SS.2.E Economics

SS.2.G Geography