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Skills available for Florida fourth-grade social studies standards

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SS.4.A American History

SS.4.C Civics and Government (2021)

SS.4.C Civics and Government (2008)

SS.4.E Economics

SS.4.FL Financial Literacy

  • SS.4.FL.1 Earning Income

    • SS.4.FL.1.1 People have many different types of jobs from which to choose. Identify different jobs requiring people to have different skills.

    • SS.4.FL.1.2 People earn an income when they are hired by an employer to work at a job. Explain why employers are willing to pay people to do their work.

    • SS.4.FL.1.3 Workers are paid for their labor in different ways such as wages, salaries, or commissions. Explain the ways in which workers are paid.

    • SS.4.FL.1.4 People can earn interest income from letting other people borrow their money. Explain why banks and financial institutions pay people interest when they deposit their money at those institutions.

    • SS.4.FL.1.5 People can earn income by renting their property to other people. Identify different types of property (such as apartments, automobiles, or tools) that people own and on which rent is paid.

    • SS.4.FL.1.6 Describe ways that people who own a business can earn a profit, which is a source of income.

    • SS.4.FL.1.7 Entrepreneurs are people who start new businesses. Entrepreneurs do not know if their new businesses will be successful and earn a profit. Identify ways in which starting a business is risky for entrepreneurs.

    • SS.4.FL.1.8 Income earned from working and most other sources of income are taxed. Describe ways that the revenue from these taxes is used to pay for government provided goods and services.

  • SS.4.FL.2 Buying Goods and Services

  • SS.4.FL.3 Saving

    • SS.4.FL.3.1 Identify ways that income is saved, spent on goods and services, or used to pay taxes.

    • SS.4.FL.3.2 Explain that when people save money, they give up the opportunity to buy things now in order to buy things later.

    • SS.4.FL.3.3 Identify ways that people can choose to save money in many places?for example, at home in a piggy bank or at a commercial bank, credit union, or savings and loan.

    • SS.4.FL.3.4 Identify savings goals people set as incentives to save. One savings goal might be to buy goods and services in the future.

    • SS.4.FL.3.5 Explain that when people deposit money into a bank (or other financial institution), the bank may pay them interest. Banks attract savings by paying interest. People also deposit money into banks because banks are safe places to keep their savings.

  • SS.4.FL.4 Using Credit

    • SS.4.FL.4.1 Discuss that interest is the price the borrower pays for using someone else's money.

    • SS.4.FL.4.2 Identify instances when people use credit, that they receive something of value now and agree to repay the lender over time, or at some date in the future, with interest.

  • SS.4.FL.5 Financial Investing

    • Skills covering this topic are not currently available on IXL.

  • SS.4.FL.6 Protecting and Insuring

    • Skills covering this topic are not currently available on IXL.

SS.4.G Geography